Little Christmas – 小さな版画展について






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1. “Little Christmas” is an annual exhibition that has been organized by a group of Japanese artists and galleries since 2010.

    Its focus is on stimulating interest in printmaking and supporting the development of young artists’ careers.

2. Original prints are created specifically for the “Little Christmas” exhibition in a limited edition of sixty.

    These works are available at a special discounted price during the exhibition period, which this year will be from October to December, 2019.

3. To purchase prints, please contact any of the participating galleries as listed below.

4. Prints will be available from the galleries at the discounted price until December 31st, 2019.

    Subsequently, if still available, they will be sold at their regular price, details of which can also be obtained by contacting the galleries directly.

©️ Little Christmas-小さな版画展 2010–2019

Little Christmas – 小さな版画展について